Our story

Our boreal forest is a fascinating place of struggle and beauty. A powerful and competitive ecosystem. All species must fight, form alliances and demonstrate resilience and adaptability to forge a place for themselves in this environment. To do this, plants must arm themselves with a dense, effective and rigorous nutrient arsenal if they want to survive. This is why for us the ultimate source of food and good health is in the forest. We are what we eat. We eat resilience, adaptiveness and strength.


For the most of us, we live in another place that has its own struggles and beauty. The problem is that it lacks resilience and relies on human nature for its health and balance. Although creative and beautiful the human mind is also subject to corruption, greed and hate. An unbalanced environment is breeding grounds for disease.

Simon loves both worlds. The crazy creative human chaos and the strong, balanced and quiet wisdom of nature. He spent most of his youth in the local patch of forest in the suburbs of Quebec building schools for ants, tasting random leaves and tree barks.  Growing up he faced his own set of struggles. Some passed and some became more persistent. Although western medicine was quite effective at healing his broken bones from skateboarding too hard, some problems like digestion issues seemed to be harder to treat and often the medications could only alleviate the symptoms. Most of the time, the treatments that were suggested would help on the short term but made it worse over time. Although the idea of a magic pill has always been enticing the truth always ended up pushing through the pavement. Slow, patient and natural change..

One thing that always stayed true to him is that answers are found in nature.

He traveled for 10 years working in orchards, planting trees, wild foraging plants and mushrooms. Slowly, patiently, naturally… He started working his way out of disease by practicing martial arts, exercising strength, cardio, taking natural medicines and eating a whole food diet. He also got very close to the forest by learning about survival, hunting and deepening his understanding of plants.

His mission is to bridge both worlds by showcasing some amazing things our boreal forests can provide us with. Either healing from chronic diseases, mental health or just the pure entertainment of discovering new unique things the forest has come up with.



Above all, Isabelle has a passion for living systems, more particularly those of the vegetal and fungi kingdom. Fascinated with their growth that is so different from ours; silent, stationary but filled with action that can go unnoticed under the inattentive eye of this magical universe. Although she has been involved for ten years in herbalism, agriculture and horticulture, it is in the forest that she feels the most called, the most immersed since they are part of a natural environment. This is where they can strike an awe with their billion of years of evolutionary experiences in survival strategies, alliances and resilience.

After having spent the last 10 years of her life living a nomadic lifestyle, the need to settle down and apply all the knowledge and learning accumulated was crying out. This is how she founded Boréome with Simon in her native province: Quebec.

What is most outrageous is the availability of these products in the market, which grows around home, but comes from elsewhere in the world! It is her  mission  to remedy this situation by making these local food-medicines accessible, at their best quality and potency.

What is most outrageous is that the products that grow naturally around us are imported from elsewhere in the world!