Our story

Boreome owners holding their products


We have spent our entire lives close to the Boreal forest, using its plants not only to heal ourselves but also to enhance our physical and cognitive performance in our daily lives.

Over the years, we crafted our own preparations and supplements because we noticed that the products available on the market were never as potent or effective as what we could create ourselves.

However, wild plants are extremely susceptible to decay, and their efficacy depends heavily on the quality of harvesting, processing, and storage. Building and scaling a wild-harvested supplement business without compromising quality is a significant challenge.

After years of traveling as professional wild foragers, we decided to make it our mission to create the best wild-harvested supplements on the market. To achieve this, we chose not to rely on any third-party suppliers and instead handle everything internally, from harvest to packaging.

By doing so, we can apply our skilled knowledge to every step of the process, ensuring the highest quality and maximizing efficacy.

This dedication is why we built a team and created Boreome.