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The Power of Flavonoids in Performance Enhancement

In the quest for natural performance enhancement, the spotlight shines on flavonoids—the bioactives within pine pollen tincture. These compounds aren't just plant-based; they share a resemblance to the human endogenous sex hormones, packed abundantly in pine pollen.
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Discovering Flavonoids: From Pine Pollen tincture to Enhanced Performance

Researchers delved into the remarkable effects of flavonoids found in pine pollen tincture, conducting a groundbreaking study. Utilizing a pure ethanol-based extraction, mice were administered this potent tincture for two weeks, paving the way for transformative findings.


The Impact on Physical Performance: Doubling Endurance and Beyond

The results astounded: the endurance levels of the best swimmers skyrocketed, doubling their swimming time from a modest 15 minutes to an impressive 32 minutes. But it didn't stop there; the pole climbing test revealed an incredible leap from 42 minutes to a staggering 82 minutes.


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Unveiling the Transformative Blood Markers

These remarkable improvements were complemented by substantial changes in vital blood markers:

1. Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) dropped significantly from 8.4 to 6.6 mmol/L.
2. Hepatic glycogen nearly doubled in the top performers.
3. Blood Lactic Acid saw a substantial decrease from 90 to 68 mg/dl.

Unlocking the Potential of Androgenic Flavonoids in Pine Pollen Tincture

What sets pine pollen apart other than its impressive nutritional profile is its abundance of androgenic flavonoids—mimicking testosterone, DHT, and androgen-like hormones in our bodies. This similarity underpins the transformative performance-enhancing effects witnessed in the study.

Embrace the Power of Pine Pollen Flavonoids

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